BodyTalk, Family constellations and Art
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BodyTalk practitioner, Family Constellations Facilitator, partner, mother of two, artist and self awareness developer.

Karin is a master in the art of intuition and interconnectedness. Her inner being radiates wisdom, warmth and compassion. She captivates the fullness of life exploring the ways in which your body communicates that is refreshing, exciting and healing.

Creating new beginnings, caring about the sanctity of relationships and families in pursuit of truth and understanding. Through her talent and charisma she brings to life the tenderness and beauty of the human soul. A strong woman with courage and determination exceeded only by her legendary kindness and empathy.

Karin believes and lives the notion of a holistic reality. She acknowledges the linkages between elements and whole, between individuals and society, between siblings and family, and between the body-mind and the soul. Her working life has revealed these linkages through a varied career including banking, running an art shop and framing factory, teaching toddler stimulation classes and being a concierge at a ski resort.

Over the last few years she has worked on further unifying matters both internally and externally, giving more time to painting while also honing her skills as a qualified Advanced BodyTalk practitioner and Family Constellations facilitator. Karin also holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. She is passionate about complete wellness and restoring harmony to people and societies. Karin and her family relocated to New Zealand in January 2020.


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Family Constellations

How your family history can help to heal you and put you on the path you were meant to follow. Read more...


Art is a form of therapy and self expression. View Karin’s art here.

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